Binoj's Photo Log

13:12:43 02/07/2012 Sachq with iMac!
Sachq with iMac!

03:53:58 12/05/2012 Edwin Fernandas a.k.a. FerWin & Sam Prabhu after night long study.
Edwin Fernandas a.k.a. FerWin & Sam Prabhu

15:09:45 21/09/2011 A legend after the performance.
Keyboard Legend

02:31:14 20/09/2011 Karunya's CCTV cameras remind me of Project IGI.
CCTV at Karunya

01:45:24 19/09/2011 Late night useless coding. Hello FM 106.4 helps :P
Late night coding

06:53:41 16/09/2011 Nice view of the Siruvani Valley! For a fresh start of the day!
Siruvani Valley

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